Feira dos 27


Local: São Torcato

The biggest and more spectacular manifestations of popular religiosity and devotion to St. Torcato are patented in the Pilgrimages held in his honor. In number of three, there is three distinct festivities, whose dates were established in the XIX century.

The Feira dos 27 (in Portuguese), in February, is a liturgic festivity that celebrates the death of Martyr Saint Torcato Félix. This date was settled in 1963, at Breviário Bracarense of D. Rodrigo da Cunha, in February 26th, based on the Cronicões that identified St. Torcato as Torcato Félix, Bishop of Oporto, Braga and Dume. In the last reform of the Braga’s rite, this identification was kept, but festivities were changed to February 27th.

This particular tradition attracts thousands of people to St. Torcato, specially cattle producers from several localities in the north of the country that participate in the livestock contest.

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